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Duncan in early 19th Century MontanaDuncan's Timeline: 1816-1853
Duncan leaves Europe again, this time heading westward to the American continent for the first time in his life. He later returns to Europe for a 20-year period

Leaves Darius to travel to the New World for the first time, and has divided his time between Europe and America ever since. Unknown to Duncan, his Watcher - Rodney Fergus - accompanies him across the Atlantic (E8, 'Little Tin God').

His first chronicled encounter with another Immortal in the New World involves a man named Durgan and the theft of a cross from a church in Montana (C4, 'The Cross of St. Antoine').

Mac spends time in Philadelphia with David Keogh, whose attempts to marry are thwarted by the lady's wealthy father (C8, 'Obsession').

Duncan encounters Gavriel Larca (right) in Peru. Larca is impersonating an Inca god, but is exposed by Duncan's arrival when Duncan's guide brings a 'harmless' Western disease into the native ecosystem. Larca is subsequently buried alive for the next 160-odd years because he is unable to stop the disease ravaging the tribe (E8, 'Little Tin God').

Duncan's romantic meeting with fellow Immortal Regan Cole in London turns sour when it transpires she's a bounty hunter after him for other reasons (F9, 'Deadly Exposure').

Duncan, 1840 vintagec1835
Duncan meets up with Connor in London, according to a later conversation between the pair (A1, 'The Gathering').

Duncan's friend Willie escapes charges of embezzlement by 'dying' in a duel, then pockets the cash (F4, 'Diplomatic Immunity').

Duncan (left) first meets up with Nicholas Ward, an Immortal who hides his killing sprees behind popular myths. At this time in his life, Ward is behind a rush of Vampire-like murders in Paris (B16, 'The Vampire'). At around the same time, Duncan sees Grace Chandler off to the Amazon with fellow Immortal Carlos Sendaro, about whom the Highlander has reservations (A17, 'Saving Grace').

Duncan is cursed by his gypsy lover after she reads his palm, which says he will never marry (B4, 'The Darkness').

Duncan spends time in Spain honing his sword skills with the Immortal Consone, but the pair fall out - predictably - over a woman (E14, 'Duende').

Duncan returns to Madrid to visit Theresea, the woman that came between him and Consone, only to discover she died in an 'accident' (E14, 'Duende').

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Historical events
Here's what was happening in the world during this period of Duncan's life

George III dies after a 60-year reign, and is succeeded by his eldest son, George IV

Andrew Jackson defeats John Quincy Adams to become 7th President of the US

After much squabbling, the British Parliament passes the first Reform Act

Sir Robert Peel becomes Prime Minister of Britain

Victoria succeeds William IV to the British throne. Samuel B Morse invents the telegraph

Trail of Tears - the Cherokee are forcibly removed from Georgia and resettled in Oklahoma

A year of widespread revolution across Europe, which form the seeds of future change across the continent

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