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Duncan takes part in the Mexican RevolutionDuncan's Timeline: 1854-73
Duncan abandons Europe for the next 60 years and aside from brief trips to Mexico and Canada, stays in the United States where he encounters many new Immortals following his dream of a new life in the Old West

Mac meets up with Brian Cullen in San Francisco, only to discover his old friend has become addicted on opium after losing his nerve (C6, 'Courage').

Duncan becomes involved in the American Civil War, fighting on the side of the Unionists. We see Duncan being hanged as a spy after helping slaves to escape to the North, then dug up by fellow Immortal Lucas Desiree (A2, 'Innocent Man').

Duncan is busy helping slaves escape across the Union/Confederate line in Virginia when he comes across the remains of an ambushed Union regiment. The drummer boy revives - a new Immortal - and when Duncan briefly leaves him in what he thinks is a safe house the boy is beheaded by another Immortal (C7, 'The Lamb').

Duncan helping slaves cross the Union border in Virginia1864
Duncan is captured and imprisoned along with black slave Jeffrey while trying to help him escape to the North. There he's incarcerated in a camp run by Immortal William Culbraith (E9, 'The Messenger').

The Highlander's libido lands him in trouble again when he's caught in the hay by a girl's fiancé. The girl is killed trying to prevent the pair from dueling (B10, 'Epitaph for Tommy').

Duncan is in South Texas attempting to catch the Immortal Outlaw Melvin Koren. Only later does he discover Koren's true identity - Kronos, one of the Four Horsemen (E11, 'Comes A Horseman'). Later that year (presumably), Duncan crosses the border to fight alongside Paul Karros in the Mexican Revolution - Karros had previously fought alongside Spartacus (C3, 'The Revolutionary').

Duncan, briefly at peace among the Lakota1872
Having relocated to the Pacific North West with the Lakota tribe of Indians, Duncan is forced to witness their genocide in 1872 when the Immortal Kern leads the US military to them. Duncan loses his lover Little Deer and foster son Kahani in the massacre, and when Connor comes across him finds he's retired to Holy Ground (A1, 'The Gathering'; C2, 'Line of Fire').

Murderous in his pursuit of Kern, Duncan encounters Coltec, a Hayoka Immortal with the ability to draw the evil out of others (D13, 'Something Wicked'). Later that year Duncan learns to track from fellow immortal Carl the Hermit. Carl later passes his skills on to another Immortal who generously takes his head in exchange (A7, 'Mountain Men').

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Historical events
Here's what was happening in the world during this period of Duncan's life

Britain and France side with Turkey against Russia in the Crimean War

Darwin publishes 'On the Origin of Species by Natural Selection'

War of Unification in Italy starts moves towards a united state

Civil War in the US

Bismarck becomes Prussian PM

Abraham Lincoln assassinated

US purchases Alaska from Russia for $7m. Britain creates Dominion of Canada

Franco-Prussian War. Germany unites under Prussian rule

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