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Duncan sets up as a newspaper proprietorDuncan's Timeline: 1880-1905
Duncan makes a brief trip across the Pacific, but otherwise continues his exploration of the United States

Visits China at the behest of Kiem Sun (A3, 'The Road Not Taken'). Sun claims to have perfected his drug, but the subsequent demonstration ends in death to both mortal guinea pigs along with MacLeod's warning that Sun should prepare himself for The Gathering. This is his only recorded visit away from American soil in over 50 years from 1854 to 1914.

Returns to the Pacific North West where he establishes himself as a newspaper proprietor. He attempts (unsuccessfully) to save a young man from Immortal bounty hunter Mako (B12, 'Under Color of Authority'). Later, his attempts to marry Sarah are first thwarted by the fact that she's already married, and then by her rejection of him when he's shot by her husband and revives after coming for him in a jealous rage (C8, 'Obsession').

Duncan and fellow Immortal Gregor Townsend help out during a Cholera epidemic - Gregor is shot by a distraught father after failing to save his child (B2, 'Studies in Light').

Duncan helps a friend build a house1886
Relocates to San Francisco where he meets up with old friend Alec Hill. Unfortunately, Alec's mortal wife Genevieve has a past, and it catches up with her in the form of Immortal Gerard Kragan, who kills her in front of Alec and Mac (E7, 'Haunted').

uncan is forced to leave his saloon home in San Francisco when its owner Kit O'Brady loses it to Amanda in a poker game (D5, 'Double Eagle'). Afterwards, he visits Alec Hill again, only to find the Immortal still brooding over his wife's death (E7, 'Haunted').

Tries his hand at bare-knuckle boxing under the watchful eye of Immortal Tommy Sullivan, newly arrived in San Francisco  from the Emerald Isle (B11, 'The Fighter').

Duncan settles briefly in New York1896
While in Boston, Duncan is set up by a helpless female Immortal, Sharon, for Axel, an evil Immortal who uses her as bait. Duncan persuades her to escape, but Axel kills her when she tries to leave him (C5, 'Rite of Passage').

Duncan's attempts to help a grocer fight the Black Hand gang in New York ends with the grocer's death at their hands (B8, 'Revenge of the Sword').

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Historical events
Here's what was happening in the world during this period of Duncan's life

Victoria becomes Empress of India

Jack the Ripper terrorises London with six murders

Dakota, Washington and Montana become US states

Kaiser Wilhem II removes Bismarck

Spanish American War ends Spanish American Empire

Boer War between Britain and the Boers

Victoria dies after 64 years on the British throne. Succeeded by her son, Edward VII

Russo-Japanese War

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