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Duncan helps a scientist escape from the NazisDuncan's Timeline: 1930-1945
Duncan gets caught up in the inevitable slide towards the Second World War as economic depression and national tensions see a rise in extremism in parts of Europe. Eventually he'll enlist on the side of the Allies, working for British Intelligence during the conflict.

Duncan is in a bank checking up on an 'old' deposit of his, when it's robbed by two Immortals: Richard Tarsis and his pupil Lucas Kagan. Tarsis is killed by Duncan after he kills a mortal, but Kagan is spared (C20, 'Reasonable Doubt').

Duncan travels to Berlin on behalf of British Intelligence to monitor the rise of Nazism in Germany. There he meets Ingrid Henning (E10, 'The Valkyrie').

Macleod helps a physicist escape the Nazis while Amanda steals plates for US dollars. He lets Amanda escape in the airplane in his place (B7, 'The Return of Amanda').

Duncan gets involved in Civil War1937
Duncan is in Spain covering the Civil War for a newspaper along with John Kage when Kage betrays the Republican movement for money (C13, 'Blind Faith').

The Highlander returns to the US where he encounters Benny, a two-bit hood and Immortal, plus two mafia brothers - Duncan is thoughtfully shot because one of the brothers wants his sibling's girlfriend who was dancing with Duncan (C11, 'Vendetta'). He also strikes up a relationship with photographer Linda Plager which fizzles out because she considers him a distraction (B2, 'Studies in Light').

Duncan is caught by fellow Immortal Alexis Voshin trying to smuggle Jewish refugees out of Eastern Europe. Voshin attempts - and obviously fails - to kill the Highlander (A9, 'The Sea Witch').

Has the Highlander switched sides?1940
'Dies' in London during the Blitz along with American reporter girlfriend Diane Terrin (D12, 'The Blitz').

A young boy Bernard witnesses Mac die and revive while he's working for the French Resistance. Bernard is also responsible for the 'killing' of Nazi Major Ernst Daimler, who won't revive for another 50 years after being thrown in the Seine (C19, 'Mortal Sins').

Takes part in the unsuccessful Valkyrie operation to assassinate Hitler with fellow Immortal Ingrid Henning (E10, 'The Valkyrie').

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Historical events
Here's what was happening in the world during this period of Duncan's life

Scientists split the atom for the first time.

Adolf Hitler becomes  German Chancellor. Prohibition repealed in the US. Roosevelt announces New Deal.

George V dies. His son Edward VIII abdicates by the end of the year in favour of George VI.

Tensions rise as  Czechoslovakia falls to the Germans.

Second World War starts after Germany invades Poland.

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