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Fitz and Duncan enjoy a round of golfDuncan's Timeline: 1946-1992
The Highlander's last 50 years aren't well documented - a stark contrast to his adventures after 1992.

Is witness to a bomb explosion in London set off by fellow Immortal Liam O'Rourke in the name of Irish freedom. Duncan turns him and his mortal girlfriend in and O'Rourke swears revenge (F12, 'To Be').

Fitz finally makes good on a 230-year old bet by helping Mac (with a little assistance from Amanda) steal the Stone of Scone and return it to Scotland (E15, 'The Stone of Scone').

Visits Carl Robinson as segregation is finally declared unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court (B9, 'Run For Your Life').

Mac attempts to save a group of children1958
Meets up with Coltec as the evil is beginning to consume the Hayoka - not helped by the fact that Coltec has just killed a psychotic Immortal (D13, 'Something Wicked').

Duncan is aware that Quenten Barnes has been 'executed' (B3, 'Turnabout').

Macleod encounters Cage for the second time, as the Immortal abandons a group of Cambodian refugee children to the Khmer Rouge (C13, 'Blind Faith').

Duncan finds himself at the point end of an assassin's sword1978
Duncan lives the life of a playboy in Monaco, losing a lot of money to an unnamed British agent who answers to 'M' (E13, 'The Ransom of Richard Redstone').

Meets Tessa when he jumps onboard a tour boat where she's working as a guide (A14, 'For Evil's Sake').

Duncan settles down with Tessa and retires from The Game (A1, 'The Gathering').

Duncan confronts old nemesis Walter Reinhardt on a boat during a New Year's Eve party. After Reinhardt is knocked overboard, Duncan returns to the party just in time to see in 1989 (A10, 'Revenge is Sweet').

Spoilsport Immortal Slan Quince goes after Duncan's head, forcing him back into The Game. On a more positive note, Duncan meets clansman Connor for the first time in a while, too (A1, 'The Gathering'). Sadly, it also proves to be the last time for a while, as Connor withdraws from the Game to a place called the Sanctuary after losing his old friend Rachel in an explosion caused by evil Immortal Jacob Kell (G1, 'Endgame').

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Historical events
Here's what was happening in the world during this period of Duncan's life

Churchill gives his Iron Curtain speech as communism envelops Eastern Europe.

Communist witch hunt begins in US.

George VI dies, and is succeeded by Elizabeth II.

John F Kennedy is assassinated.

US sends troops to Vietnam.

Neil Armstrong is the first man to walk on the moon.

Gorbachev introduces Glasnost and Perestroika to the Soviet Union.

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