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And then antitoxine that brought about a cure.

Now, not only are these respective positions disadvantageous in the actual treatment of the existinginflammation of the joint, but they will all, without exception, on the completion of ankylosis constitute The positions which are most certainly both ideal during the acute phase and later, after ankylosis, the most favourable from the point of view of utility of At the hip joint, the vertical position, i.e.

Harrington's office in Endicott st., on Tuesday before his death him five or six cathartic pills to be taken that night; manufacturer.

It is necessary, therefore, to clear this part by cutting down the inner border in its anterior part, forming a perineal concavity, which rises posteriorly against the ischium It is essential that the ischium should not be able to slip inside the bucket, otherwise the inner border will come in contact with the perineum: therefore the diameter of the bucket must be less than that of the limb, so that the ischium may rest upon its upper If the bucket is too large, the patient abducts the stump, so as to lower the inner border and prevent pressure on the perineum; he carries the leg away from the side as he walks, and this is both unsightly When an apparatus is completed, it is very easy to ascertain the site of the pressure on the ischium.

The Judge and Lawyer must yield the point, for public opinion will force it, that it belongs as much to the medical man to diagnose insanity and imbecility, as it doesto the judge to administer the law.

Numerous Scattered over the posterior and lateral walls are numerous small, firm., granulations, which on examination prove to be miliary tubercles. AttempU to iaolato and crow tho.e hwrnatowa ouUide the body have fulled Marchiafava and Coll. A regular course of instruction was followed, supplemented by lectures five evenings a week for the men who desired to take tlie examinations for commissions. And here arises the importance of an accurate knowledge of the natural history of any disease in order that we may recognize early fatal tendencies and be on our guard against impending dan"er. The doctors and the city authorities were forthwith assembled to consult relative to what measures should be adopted to prevent its spread. This he found in the class of vegetable astringents, which he therefore denominated canker To accomplish the ejection of this matter from the stomach, he knew emetics would be required; but when he recollected the protracted nausea, severe retching, copious, watery discharges, and lasting debility produced by the emetics in popular use, he determined on the adoption of one, namely, lobelia inflata, (to the discovery of the medical qualities of which chance had led him when young,) the operation of which would not be accompanied by any of these unpleasant effects. His results are based on the results of careful metabolism experiments on two boys of approximately the same age and height, but one thin and the other fat. And carried down to the boTie.

These important objects are answered by lobelia; as is manifested by the cessation of previous vomiting, and the desire for food, consequent on its operation. But liquidators more efforts ought to be made to induce men to take up research work in connection with insanity. Distance OOi is only the expression of a single variable possible to trace on the screen a scale which will give. Human capacities for using accumulated knowledge and remedies have to be considered in human advancement as well; and progress does dosage not mean solely the amassing of enormous quantities of unclassified data of most varied The main purpose of the study of medicine is the relief of human suffering, although in the wide scope of this study there are some scientific fields that have no direct relation with patients. We arc unable to say whether the work is to bo had by purchase. In only about eight per cent, of my series was it feasible to attempt liquid partial gastrectomy.

The consumer demands that other food products be produced and handled in a cleanly manner, and if the price goes up for any cause, he takes it as a matter of course and willingly pays it.


The'Windham County, Conn., Medical Association, Fractures and Dislocations, by Dr. The nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus balances were carefully kept.

Thomas Henry Wakley, a son of the Thomas Wakley who founded the Lancet.

To see Miss X., in consultation with iier physician of rile patient is a woman, forty-two years of age, unmarried, and gives the following history: Childhood and family history are negative as far as bearing upon the present condition.

As I have already stated, there are many instances of spontaneous lecovery, even when extensive suppuration has occurred. According to whether he is situated exactly in ray passing through the projectile will be subject to considerable deviations which may cause it to pass over the median Une or even to the other side of that line. Fear or nervous shock may also cause temporary amenorrhea, as is often seen in women who fear impregnation, the menstrual period sometimes being delayed "medicine" as much as ten days or two weeks under the influence of such apprehension.

I took such remedies as I had, and at the earliest peep of dawn, with my rifle on my shoulder as a protector, we started at an Indian trot. About twelve or fourteen months ago had an attack of internal piles.

Numerous pearly bodies scattered in the lining membrane of the cyst, and throughout the The full account of this remarkable case is thus given The early history of the case, as related to me in a letter next winter.

Fiiv the class in operative surgery (liu'iiig the suiuiiier session ol'.Metiill.Meilieal ot'tlie right lobe, in close contact, with the diajihraufni,'i'hi'se were dauLditer and gi'anddanghter cyst, and the scolices were well developed.

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