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Famous faces
Take a trawl through the Immortals section of this site and you'll spot loads of faces that appear familiar. We're going to pull some of the more memorable names out of the hat here for you to look out for. Note, a lot of this material is already present in the episode guide, but rather than exposing it as just rehashing old material, think of it as cross-referencing. Due to the sheer number of celebrated guest stars, I've split this section into two: Movie and US/Canada TV stars are on this page; UK stars and rock musicians are on the second page

NB: This is very much an "in-progress" section - I'm working through the Immortals list (up to the end of season three) and will then go through the episode guide looking for non-Immortals.

Movie stars
The following actors have enjoyed major motion picture success both before and after their stints on Highlander:

bulletChristophe Lambert: yup, the original Highlander made two appearances in this universe, in the first episode (A1, 'The Gathering') and the movie, Highlander: Endgame.
bulletJason Isaacs: Amanda's first "partner" (A18, 'The Lady and the Tiger') has since found fame on the motion picture stage, including the recurring role of Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies.

Nigel Terry: currently doing lots of guest spots in British television, but Terry enjoyed movie success with the likes of The Lion in Winter, Excalibur and most recently Troy. Appeared in A19, 'Eye of the Beholder'.


Brion James was best known for his role as the replicant Leon in Blade Runner, but enjoyed other success too before his untimely death in 1999. Played Immortal Armand Thorne in C4, 'The Cross of St Antoine'.


Barry Pepper showed up as relatively "fresh-faced" Immortal Michael Christian in C12, 'They Also Serve', but has since gone on to forge a successful movie career, with supporting roles in Saving Private Ryan, The Green Mile, They Were Soldiers and Battlefield Earth among others.


Vivian Wu (May Ling Shien in C12, 'They Also Serve') started her career in movies with a role in The Last Emperor, which was followed by further movie roles, including one in Heaven and Earth. These days she's more likekly to be seen on TV, and has most recently played the role of 'Prophet Ghost' in Ghost Whisperer.

US/Canada TV stars
The following actors have made their names plying their trade on US and Canadian television, either as big names guesting on the show, or familiar faces who have varied careers guest-starring on genre shows.

bulletMarc Singer: made his name as the Beastmaster in the cinema, but is better known for his TV roles, including the lead in V. Played reclusive Immortal Caleb Cole in A7, 'Mountain Men'.
bulletJohn Hertzler: better known as JG Hertzler, he's best known to fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Enterprise, where he played well-known Klingon characters. Had a brief appearance in Highlander in a black-and-white flashback sequence (A11, 'See No Evil').
bulletJames Horton: another genre veteran with Star Trek credits to his name, Horton portrayed memorable villain Grayson in A13, 'Band of Brothers'.
bulletGeraint Wyn Davies: this Swansea-born actor found fame in the US and Canada playing the title role in genre series Forever Knight. His single appearance in Highlander came early on in the show's second season (B3, 'Turnabout').
bulletRoddy Piper: this ex-WWF wrestling star portrayed immortal Gallen in B10, 'Epitaph for Tommy'.
bulletBruce Weitz is best remembered as Mick Belker in Hill Street Blues. Appeared as Tommy Sullivan in B11, 'The Fighter'.
bulletNia Peeples could possibly fit in the rock star category, but has roles in Fame, Walker Texas Ranger and General Hospital. Played a 2,000 year-old immortal in B18, 'Pharaoh's Daughter'.
bulletRobert Ito will be known to fans of Quincy, but showed up as an 18th century Japanese nobleman who saved Duncan's life by ultimately sacrificing his own (C1, 'The Samurai').
bulletMiguel Fernandes played revolutionary Paul Karros (C3, 'The Revolutionary'). Fernandes has a string of guest-starring roles in genre shows to his name, from Airwolf and The A-Team to Stargate SG-1 and TJ Hooker.
bulletGarwin Sandford has had guest-starring or recurring roles in most genre shows out there - most recently Stargate: Atlantis and the mini-series Merlin's Apprentice. He appeared as Garrick in C9, 'Shadows'.
bulletTony Rosato played Immortal hoodlum Benny Carbassa (C11, 'Vendetta'), and has numerous guest roles like many others. However, he might be best known to Saturday Night Live fans, where he performed regularly during 1981-2.
bulletJohn Kage has one of those recognisable faces. In Highlander he played the evil-Immortal-comes-good role (C13, 'Blind Faith'), and during the 1980s guest-starred in numerous genre TV shows, including Buck Rogers and Mission: Galactica. These days he tends to show up in movies rather than TV shows, but it's here he cut his teeth.




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