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Famous faces
Take a trawl through the Immortals section of this site and you'll spot loads of faces that appear familiar, especially if you're British. We're going to pull some of the more memorable names out of the hat here for you to look out for. Note, a lot of this material is already present in the episode guide, but rather than exposing it as just rehashing old material, think of it as cross-referencing...

NB: This is very much an "in-progress" section.

British TV stars
These actors will be more familiar to British TV buffs.

bulletPeter Howitt: he's now carved out a role for himself as a movie director (credits including Sliding Doors and Johnny English), but is best known to British audiences as Joey Boswell in Bread. Played an Immortal assassin in A14, 'For Evil's Sake'.
bulletMartin Kemp: it's tempting to place Martin Kemp in the rock star category, but unlike Roger Daltrey, for example, he gave up his musical career with Spandau Ballet some time ago to concentrate full-time on acting. He's currently best known for his movie appearance in The Krays and the role of Steve Owen in EastEnders, which he played for four years. Currently starring in various TV dramas on ITV. Appeared in A20, 'Avenging Angel'.
bulletPeter Guinness: this familiar face will be known to fans of Casualty, Red Cap and Bleak House, where he played the coroner. Appeared as Colonel Bellian in A21, 'Nowhere to Run'.
bulletAnthony Stewart Head: he's well-known to American fans as one of the stars of Buffy, but we Brits also love him for his role in Little Britain, those coffee ads (apparently also seen in the US) and various guest spots, in particular the new Doctor Who series. Played a mortal, Allan Rothwood, in A21, 'Nowhere to Run'.
bulletPeter Firth: currently known best for his starring role in BBC drama Spooks. Played Immortal Arthur Drake in B17, 'Warmonger'.
bulletDavid Robb: most recently seen in Rebus on British TV, but for me will always be remembered for his roles in The Legend of King Arthur and First Among Equals. Played Duncan's nemesis, Kalas, for half a season.
bulletEugene Lipinski:

Rock stars
One of Highlander's early gimmicks was to introduce rock stars as guest Immortals. This idea was dropped in the second season, but while it introduced some duds, it also introduced two classic characters.

bulletJoan Jett: appeared in A5, 'Free Fall'. Had US chart success with the Blackhearts. Best known song: 'I Love Rock'n'Roll'.
bulletRoland Gift: lead singer of the Fine Young Cannibals, who enjoyed chart success on both sides of the Atlantic in the late 80s. Gift played Xavier St Cloud, one of those few Immortals who guested numerous times on the show, even after they'd been bumped off in the present (first appearance A15, 'For Tomorrow We Die').
bulletRoger Daltrey: the lead singer of The Who, and has movie star credits too. Made numerous appearances as Hugh Fitzcairn, despite losing his head in the third season (first appearance A22, 'The Hunters').
bulletSheena Easton: the Scottish songstress with a James Bond hit ('For Your Eyes Only') under her belt, made an appearance as Irish immortal Annie Devlin in B5, 'An Eye For An Eye'.





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