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Football fanatics
I'm a big football fan. And by football I mean the game where people actually kick the ball instead of picking it up and running with it before stopping for an ad break every 45 seconds (look, I follow American Football, but it's not in the same league as proper football. Just like baseball doesn't hold a torch to cricket. Ouch!).

Anyway, before I'm lynched, I've done some digging and discovered which football teams our Immortals profess to support with all their heart (thus guaranteeing a miserable Saturday evening when they lose. Again. Or is that just my football team, Birmingham City FC?). In the words of Rob Brydon's comic creation Keith Barret (see here), "It's just a bit of fun". And in the words of Nick Peers, "It's still in progress"...

bulletAdrian Paul: Charlton Athletic
bulletPeter Wingfield: Arsenal

Valentine Pelka: Leeds United


Martin Kemp: Arsenal


Jason Isaacs: Liverpool


Peter Firth: Bradford City


Dougray Scott: Hibernian


Michael J Jackson: Liverpool


Peter Howitt: Liverpool



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