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Adrian Paul is Duncan MacLeod in Highlander: The Series

Welcome to my Highlander A-Z. It's an expanded version of anarticle published in Cult TV magazine, which was published by FuturePublishing in 1997. When I was thinking of how to use my free Webspace, I hit upon the idea of using the content from that article asa basis for this site. Consequently here it is.

The site is split into two main sections: The A-Z itself, and aTimeline chronicling all of Duncan's travels and adventures since hisbirth. As I've stated elsewhere, neither are particularlycomprehensive, but hopefully I'll find the time to add to the contentin the coming months.



The entire Highlander universe stems from the feature filmHighlander, which was made in 1986. Starring ChristopherLambert, Sean Connery and Clancy Brown, it told the story of anever-diminishing group of Immortals, men who had survived forhundreds, even thousands, of years, forced to duel down the agesuntil only a few remained to battle for the Prize. Immortals couldonly be killed by decapitation, and the film followed the life of oneConnor MacLeod, born in the Highlands of Scotland in 1536.

I could go on and chronicle the film in great detail, but it's amust-see film. Tragically the same cannot be said for its twosequels, Highlander II (The Quickening) and Highlander III(The Sorceror). The second angered fans of the original byclaiming the Immortals were alien - an interesting concept, but onelet down by incredibly poor execution. With a bit of thought (and afew throwaway lines) it might have persevered, but... The third ismerely a poor re-make of the first, with baddie Mario Van Peeblesapeing original villain Clancy Brown down to sharing the same voice(and tonsil movements)! It's only saving grace is that it's betterthan Highlander II, which is in no way a recommendation.

To a new universe

Into all of this comes Highlander: The Series. This is setin an alternative universe to the movies, and chronicles theadventures of Duncan MacLeod. At first, Duncan was merely a Connorwannabe (Christopher Lambert even made a guest appearance in thepilot to 'hand over the reins'), but as the show as progressed oversix seasons, he - and the series - have made an invaluablecontribution to the Highlander mythos. The idea of TheGathering, the time when a few are left to battle for the Prize, wasconveniently dropped after the first season, and Immortals have beencropping up with alarming regularity ever since. It seems the sloganfor the series is There Can Be As Many As You Like. But enoughwibbling, read on...


Connor MacLeod with clansman Duncan.

Table of contents

The Highander A-Z

An A-Z of terms, characters, places and otherthings related to Highlander: The Series.

The Highlander Timeline

A journey through Duncan's history, from 1592 tothe present. Now updated and split into two parts: 1592-1800, and1800-the present.

Highlander Links

Links to other Highlander-related sites.

Cult TV

A little bit of blurb about the magazine this A-Zoriginally appeared in.

Coming soon!

* A map of Duncan's travels, covering his tripsfrom Scotland to Europe to the Far East to the Americas. Boy the mancan get himself around. (This is happening, I promise!)

* I'm considering covering the three movies inmore detail. More info when I get it.


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