Highlander Timeline

The Highlander A-Z: Duncan's Timeline (i: 1592-1800)

The Timeline is even more of an 'in progress' than the A-Z. Justpreparing it for the Web has reminded me of how many gaps there are,but when it was written for the magazine, lack of space forced me tocut it right back. To check out the A-Z, click here, and to jump to the second half of thetimeline click here.

Duncan MacLeod in 1619.



Duncan Macleod is born in the Highlands of Scotland. Discovered inthe woods just outside Glenfinnan, he is adopted and raised as heirto the Macleod clan.



Duncan is lost in the woods aged 13, where he encounters the"witch" Cassandra for the first time.



Duncan is cast out of his clan after his Immortality is triggeredby a "fatal" wound in battle. For two years Duncan wanders Scotland,returning to avenge his father's death in 1624 at the hands of Kanulfthe Viking.



Duncan receives his first Quickening and discovers his trueidentity when an Immortal hermit forces him to take his head.


Duncan gets on the wrong side of a fellow Immortal (1640).


Duncan leaves Scotland to travel through Europe, beginning inFrance and heading down towards Italy.



Mac encounters Devon Marek, the adopted son of the Duke ofWillioughby, just as the nobleman 'dies' for the first time. Notrealising he has sensed a pre-Immortal Mac buries Marek whosubsequently revives. Well, you live and learn.



Duncan meets Amanda for the first time (she's travelling with hermentor Rebecca Horne).



Duncan encounters Fitzcairn for the first time when heunsuccessfully tries to protect the Prince of Verona's daughter fromhis advances. The pair hit it off and decide to learn to readtogether. As you do.



Mac encounters the immortal Kyra in a French tavern. The pairpredictably end up sharing a bed for the night.



He is saved from slavery by Hamza el Kahir while in Algiers andencounters Xavier St. Cloud for the first time.



Macleod encounters Graham Ashe, an Immortal who tutored Ramiriez,and Haresh Clay, who subsequently takes Ashe's head.



Duncan takes sanctuary in a European monastery for a time thatoffers shelter to beleagured immortals. There he encounters Kalas forthe first time, and has the singing monk expelled when he uncoversKalas' little sideline in killing Immortals as soon as they leavesanctuary.


Duncan wanders London during the Great Plague (1665).


He returns to England in the wake of the Restoration of CharlesII.



Duncan serves as a Scottish Emissary at the court of Queen Anne.He also encounters Amanda again in Constantinople.



MacLeod is reunited with Fitzcairn under Westminster Abbey whereFitz is trying to assassinate George I and Mac is trying to steal theStone of Scone.



Duncan narrowly avoids death - first as an alleged poacher andthen at the hands of the Immortal who 'saves' him.


Duncan battles for Scottish independence (1746).


Duncan returns to Scotland to fight for the cause of the YoungPretender, Bonnie Prince Charlie.



Macleod travels East in search of new pastures in the wake of theScottish defeat.


Duncan in Cossack Russia (1750)



Duncan stays with the Cossacks by the Don River in Russia for awhile, but leaves in disgust when they sack a defenceless village.



Arrives in Constantinople and saves Amanda (yet again) from losingher hand.



Duncan returns to the north coast of Africa and finds himselfbargaining his life in return for that of a young boy.


Duncan during his time in India (1765).


Serves as a guide to the British army in India.



Macleod is shipwrecked off the coast of Japan after marooning theImmortal captain of a ship on a desert island. He receives his katanafrom his rescuer who, incidentally, is forced to commit hari kiri forsaving his life.


Duncan at the home of Kiem Sun (1780).


Visits Kiem Sun in China to discover he is trying to perfect adrug designed to enhance people's strength and obedience. He thenencounters Mei Ling in Mongolia, who teaches him the martial arts.



Duncan returns to Europe and the Napoleonic Wars, spending thelast 20 years of the century dividing his time between England andnorthern France.


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