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The Highlander A-Z: Duncan's Timeline (ii:1800-present)

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Duncan in 1830s Europe



Duncan fights in the Napoleonic Wars on behalf of the British (aHighlander regiment, of course) and encounters Darius for the firsttime at the Battle of Waterloo.



Finally goes to America for the first time and has spent most ofhis life dividing his time between there and Europe since. His firstchronicled encounter with another immortal in the New World involvesa man named Durgan and the theft of a cross from a church in Montana.



Briefly visits Peru where he nearly comes a cropper at the hand ofa fellow immortal who just-so-happens to set himself up as a godamong the natives. Duncan narrowly escapes with his head and hisfellow Immortal spends the next 165 years entombed and plottingrevenge.



Returns to Europe where he spends some time with Connor in London,meets con Willie for the first time (Willie embezzles his partner outof £100,000 and then obligingly 'dies' in a duel), sees Amandaleave for the Amazon with yet another unsuitable suitor. discovers avampire craze sweeping Paris and gets cursed by a gypsy girl. It's abusy life being an immortal.



Mac encounters Regan Cole in London. Almost immediately the pairgo to bed, but events don't turn out the way the Highlander thinks.



Meets up again with Brian Cullen (the pair are first chronicledtogether in Switzerland in 1810) where he finds his immortal friendhas lost his nerve and is addicted to opium. It's the beginning of atrip that will last 150 years for Cullen.


Duncan gets hanged to save his head (1861).


Fights in the Civil War on the side of the Unionists, and alsohelps black slaves escape from the South.



Duncan's libido lands him in trouble again when he's caught in thehay by a girl's fiance. The girl is killed in the process.


The Highlander gets involved in Mexican revolution (1867).


Fights in the Mexican Revolution alongside Paul Karros, anImmortal who fought alongside Spartacus.



Relocates to the Pacific North West with the Lakota tribe ofIndians. The Indians are wiped out in 1872 when an Immortal namedKern leads the US military to them. Duncan loses his lover LittleDeer and foster son Kahani in the massacre.


MacLeod encounters Coltec (1873).


Murderous in his pursuit of Kern, Duncan encounters Coltec, aHayoka Immortal with the ability to draw the evil out of others.Later that year Duncan learns to track from fellow immortal Carl theHermit. Carl later passes his skills on to another immortal whogenerously takes his head in exchange.


c. 1880

Briefly returns to China to visit Kiem Sun. Then returns to thePacific North West where he establishes himself as a newspaperproprietor.



Moves to San Fransisco, then Boston and finally New York beforereturning to Europe at the outbreak of war.



Macleod acts as an ambulance driver for the Red Cross in World WarI. He again encounters Xavier St. Cloud, who uses poisonous gas tosteal an army payroll.



Refuses to join the Irish Revolution while in Dublin.


Duncan in the southern US (1926)


In Paris, Duncan encounters Kalas again for the first time sincehe had him thrown out of a monastery in 1678. This time Duncan wrecksKalas' voice when he cuts it with a sword. No wonder the bearded onebears a grudge.



Mac finds himself in North Tidworth (with a name like that, youknow it's English) where he helps Fitz solve his own murder.



Observes the rise of Hitler in Germany for British Intelligence.



Covers the Spanish Civil War for a newspaper, and watches fellowImmortal Cage betray the Republican movement.


Duncan during his second trip to Russia (1938).


Is betrayed by Alexei Voshin while trying to help Russiansescapist Stalinist rule.



Works for the French Resistance during the Second World War.



"Dies" in London during The Blitz.



Takes part in the unsuccessful Valkyrie operation to assassinateHitler with fellow Immortal Ingrid Henning.



Is witness to a bomb explosion in London set off by fellowImmortal Liam O'Rourke in the name of Irish freedom. Duncan turns himin and O'Rourke swears revenge.



Macleod again encounters Coltec. By this point the evil isbeginning to consume the Hayoka.



Macleod encounters Cage for the second time, as the Immortalabandons a group of Cambodian refugee children to the Khamer Rouge.



Duncan lives the life of a playboy in Monaco, losing a lot ofmoney to an unnamed British agent who answers to 'M'.



Macleod meets Tessa in Paris and "retires" from The Game.



Slan Quince decides to take Duncan's head, and forces him backinto The Game.



Highlander: The Series chronicles Duncan Macleod's lifeafter he returns to The Game and takes Immortal protege Richard Ryanunder his wing.


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