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Immortals age normally until their first 'death', then stop abruptly. One (Kenny) has been stuck at the age of ten for 800 years, allowed to look but sadly never old enough to touch (or stay up late) (C7, The Lamb; D6, Reunion).

An ancient demon who Duncan is fated to meet from the moment he's born (E19, Archangel). Unfortunately for the Highlander, defeating Ahriman (who appears as enemies from Mac's past, allowing for the likes of Horton and Kronos to make reappearances despite the fact that they're dead) will only come at a cost (F1, Avatar; F2, Armageddon).

Amanda (Elizabeth Gracen).

Amanda is at once both lover and tormentor of Duncan. Born in the 9th Century and tutored by Rebecca Horne (B19, Legacy), Amanda is a frequent vistor to Duncan's dojo or barge, but rarely stays long. She's also so popular with other Immortals they go out of their way to track her down (see Kit O'Brady and Zachary Blaine). She was also so popular with TV execs they gave her her own short-lived series, Highlander: The Raven.

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