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Alfred Cahill

What happens when you miraculously recover after being stabbed? You believe you've been resurrected for a holy war, that's what, and no-one - least of all some Scottish lunk - is going to tell you otherwise (A20, Avenging Angel). Facial similarities with a character in UK soap EastEnders are, of course, entirely coincidental.

Alfred Cahill

Cassandra (Tracy Scoggins).

Otherwise known as the "Witch of Donan Woods", Cassandra first met Duncan when he was a 13 year-old boy (and pre-Immortal). They met again in 1995 to fulfil a prophecy and later indulge in some rumpy-pumpy (E2, Prophecy). Later we learned that she was born during the Bronze Age, and was kept as a prisoner at the Four Horsemen's Camp for a short time. She's not their biggest fan (E12, Comes a Horseman; E13, Revelations 6:8). Actress Tracy Scoggins replaced Claudia Christian in Babylon 5. Claudia returned the favour with a sixth-season appearance on Highlander (F10, Two of Hearts)

A 1,300 year-old Celtic Immortal with a dislike for Romans (C17, Take Back The Night).

Charlton Athletic
The English football (or 'soccer' for you Americans) club that Adrian Paul supported when younger. In fact, he still "kind of" does. For those who are remotely interested, Peter Wingfield supports Arsenal and Valentine Pelka supports Leeds United.

Regan Cole (Sandra Hess). Regan Cole
An immortal-cum-bounty hunter, and one of five female immortals given an entire sixth-season episode to themselves (F9, Deadly Exposure). She first met Duncan in 19th Century England - in bed, of course.

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