Kis for...

Roland Kantos
Kantos learned Cassandra's magic 'power of persuasion' voice technique before using it to try and take Duncan's head as part of an ancient prophecy (E2, Prophecy).

Kate MacLeod in 1712

Kate MacLeod
Former wife of Duncan MacLeod, Kate first met Duncan in Ireland in 1712 when he saved her and her mistress from petty criminals. The pair fell in love, and were married three years later. At their wedding, Connor confirms Duncan's suspicions that Kate is a pre-Immortal, with tragic results. The pair don't meet for another 300 years, when Kate has changed her name to Faith and follows Jacob Krell. (Endgame).


Female Immortal from northern England (you'd never guess from her accent) who was one of those tested for the role of female spin-off character in season six (F10, Two of Hearts).


Viking pillager and scourge of the MacLeod's (D1, Homeland).

Katharine (Claudia Christian).

K is also for...
Loads of other baddies (Kurgan, Kern, Kenny, Kalas, Karros, Krell, Kronos, Kristov, etc). Basically, if he's Immortal, and his name begins with K, you can guess who's side he's on.

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