Qis for...

Rock band extraordinaire who provided the soundtrack for the original Highlander movie, and whose track 'Princes of the Universe' is the theme tune for the Highlander TV series. All together now, "Here we are, born to be kings..." Brian May has since expressed his disappointment that neither he nor Michael Kamen were asked to write the music for the second, third (and now fourth) films.
PS/ After an indecently long time gathering dust in the archives, the little-seen video for 'Princes of the Universe', featuring Christopher Lambert battling Freddie Mercury, has finally been released on video - check out Queen+ Greatest Flix III now!

Duncan receives the Quickening of Nicolas Ward.

When an Immortal is beheaded by another, his knowledge and power are transferred to the nearest surviving Immortal - usually the victor. The process looks like a massive Electrical storm (and feels like an orgasm, hence its popularity), and can severely damage nearby objects.

Slan Quince
The Immortal who goes after Duncan's head in 1992 which forces him once again to return to The Game (A1, The Gathering).

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