Production number: #92102-1
Original US airdate:
28th September, 1992
Written by: Dan Gordon
Directed by: Thomas J Wright
Guest Cast: Christopher Lambert (Connor MacLeod), Richard Moll (Slan Quince); Wendell Wright (Sgt. Powell)

Duncan MacLeod has happily avoided The Game for 12 years since meeting his current love Tessa. His blissful existence is shattered when evil Immortal Slan Quince comes looking for his head, with a certain clansman and friend of Duncan's not far behind.


1872, Pacific North West region, USA: Connor encounters Duncan after the Indian tribe Duncan lived with has been massacred by the white man.

Other Immortals

Connor MacLeod
Slan Quince

Interesting facts

+ Christopher Lambert reprises his role of Connor MacLeod from the Highlander movie series.
+ It is obvious that the TV series takes place in an alternate universe to the movies.
+ We also learn that Duncan and Connor met in London in 1835, and that Connor was Duncan's teacher once upon a time.
+ The events of the flashback in 1872 are re-visited in two follow-up episodes -
C2, 'Line of Fire' and D13, 'Something Wicked'.


A hit-and-miss affair to kick things off, with Richard Moll's Slan Quince just one step away from a moustachioed-twirling villain. C+

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