Production number: #92109-10 
Original US airdate:
16th November, 1992
Written by: Loraine Despres
Directed by: Ray Austin
Guest Cast: Vanity (Rebecca Lord), Christoph Ohrt (Walter Reinhardt), Christianne Hirt (Angie Burke), Tim Reid (Sergeant Bennett), Ken Kramer (Doctor Kramer), Kevin McNulty (Harry Dawes), Elizabeth Claridge (Molly Parker), Michael Cavers (Nobleman), Shirley Broderick (Noblewoman), Patrick Stevenson (Street Punk)

Macleod and Walter Reinhardt have been sparring down the centuries ever since Mac thwarted Reinhardt's attempts to hold up a coach in Kent, England in the 1720s. Now an ex-fiancee of Reinhardt's is after revenge because she believes Mac killed his fellow Immortal the last time the pair met.


1728, Kent, England: Mac meets Reinhardt for the first time when he thwarts the highwayman's attempt to rob the coach he's travelling on to Dover.
1988, Seacouver
: Mac and Reinhardt square off on a party board on New Year's Eve. Mac is able to dispatch Reinhardt overboard and return to Tessa's side just in time to see in the beginning of 1989.

Other Immortals

Walter Reinhardt

Interesting facts

+ Vanity has the dubious pleasure of being discovered by Prince in the 1980s, but after a brief fling moved away from music into acting. Her best-known film roles are probably in Action Jackson opposite Carl 'Apollo Creed' Weathers and The Last Dragon.
+ Christoph Ohrt will be best known to German Highlander fans, as most of his work has been done in his native homeland.
+ Tim Reid played Sergeant Bennett three times in Highlander (the other two appearances come after this one). He's got a long list of writing, directing and acting credits, although 90s teenagers will probably remember him as the father of twins in the Nickelodeon Sister, Sister TV series. Check out his official Web site here.


Um, good flashback, but not a lot else. C

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