Production number: #92114-11
Original US airdate:
1st February, 1993
Written by: Brian Clemens
Directed by: Thomas J Wright
Guest Cast: Amanda Wyss (Randi McFarland); John Hertzler (Marcus Karolus); Tim Reid (Sergeant Bennett); Moira Walley (Natalie Ward), Dee McCafferty (The Scalper), Fulvio Cecere (Tony Graffini), Kelli Fox (Police Woman), Raimund Stamm (Herbie), Wanda Wilkinson (Helen), Glynda Fitzgerald (Brunette Woman)

A serial killer - known as 'The Scalper' - is mimicking the actions of a long-dead Immortal who, betrayed by the woman he loves, becomes a killer. When one of Tessa's friends narrowly escaped murder - leaving her traumatised - Duncan becomes involved, reaching to his memory to try and prevent the copycat killings from continuing.


1925, Seacouver: Duncan takes the head of Marcus Karolus, an actor driven insane by a betrayal from the woman he loved 300 years before.

Other Immortals

Marcus Karolus

Interesting facts

+ Although this is officially episode A11, it was actually transmitted after 'Eyewitness' when first broadcast back in 1993.
+ John Hertzler is better known to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fans as Martok, Chancellor of the Klingon Empire (among other roles on the same series). He also played a Klingon in a second-season episode of Enterprise, while other genre appearances have included Lois & Clark, Zorro, Quantum Leap and Charmed. He is sometimes credited as J G Hertzler.
+ Writer Brian Clemens is a veteran British writer best known for his work on The Avengers, The New Avengers and The Professionals. He has writing credits stretching back to 1956, and co-wrote the story for Highlander II: The Quickening with William Panzer.


An ultimately forgettable episode - in fact, the back story for Marcus as provided by the Watcher's Chronicles makes for a more interesting waste of your time. C-

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