Production number: #92118-13
Original US airdate:
8th February, 1993
Written by: Marie-Chantal Droney
Directed by: Rene Manzor
Guest Cast: Werner Stocker (Darius), James Horan (Grayson); Earl Pastko (Victor Paulus), Terry Howson (Hoestler), Peter Diamond (Brigand)

Duncan receives a coded message from an old mentor that one of his mortal protégés is in danger from an ancient, war-mongering Immortal called Grayson. At the same time, he must kiss goodbye to Tessa and Richie as they prepare to relocate to Paris.


1815, Battlefield at Waterloo, France: MacLeod encounters Darius on the battlefield at Waterloo, tended to the injured using ancient medical knowledge lost to humanity during the Dark Ages.
1816, France
: Leaves Darius after being unable to completely renounce violence. He reveals his plans to travel to the New World.

Other Immortals


Interesting facts

+ This is the first of Werner Stocker's appearances as Darius. Werner hailed from Bavaria, and tragically died soon after the end of the first season in Munich.
+ James Horan is one of those genre veterans who pops up all over the place, especially in the Star Trek universe, where he's played characters in The Next Generation (two separate characters), Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. Visit his official Fan Club page here.


For me, the first stand-out Highlander episode, with the flashbacks and characters of Darius and Grayson ushering it a new depth to the series. A-

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