Production number: #92117-14 
Original US airdate:
15th February, 1993
Written by: Fabrice Ziolkowski (story), David Abramowitz (teleplay)
Directed by: Ray Austin
Guest Cast: Peter Howitt (Christophe Kuyler); Hughes LeForestier (Inspector Lebrun), Vernon Dobtcheff (Carlo Luchesi), Michel Voletti (Baron Deshields), Gerard Touroul (Inspector Sole), Jerome Keen (Anthony)

Assassins masquerading as mime artists and acrobats are responsible for the deaths of three prominent Frenchmen who recently convicted terrorists. Mac gets a glimpse of the last murder, and immediately thinks of an Immortal he hasn't seen for 12 years.


1783, France: MacLeod is employed as a bodyguard to Baron Deshields, who is about to negotiate peace with the English. Sadly, he is unable to prevent the baron being murdered in front of his entire court by Kuyler, masquerading as an acrobat and magician.
1980, Paris, France
: While escaping from Kuyler after being confronted unarmed, Mac first slides across a youthful Lebrun's car before jumping on to a cruise boat and into the life of Tessa Noel, who was employed as the boat's guide.

Other Immortals

Christophe Kuyler

Interesting facts

+ Peter Howitt is best known to British TV fans as the original Joey Boswell in Carla Lane's sitcom Bread. He also co-wrote and directed the 1998 film Sliding Doors, starring John Hannah and Gwyneth Paltrow.
+ This is the first of three appearances for Hughes LeForestier as Inspector Lebrun - he also appears in A15, For Tomorrow We Die, and A17, Saving Grace.


Two interesting flashbacks, but Kuyler is too one-dimensional to be a convincing villain, despite Peter Howitt's best efforts. C+

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