Production number: #92123-16 
Original US airdate:
1st March, 1993
Written by: Marie-Chantal Droney
Directed by: Daniel Vigne
Guest Cast: Christian Van Acker (Ursa), Dee Dee Bridgewater (Carolyn), Werner Stocker (Darius); Fay Masterson (Jenny Harris), Francois Guetary (Detective), Joe Sheridan (Frank Wells)

A strange death at the Paris Opera reacquaints Duncan with the simple-minded Immortal Ursa. The pair first met in the 17th Century, when Duncan rescued him from a life of constant persecution and death from local villagers. Now the Highlander must convince his friend that the giant's love-of-his-life, an opera singer called Carolyn, is not what she seems...


1635, France: Duncan comes across a group of villagers who are trying to kill a devil who refuses to stay dead. Mac rescues the Immortal and delivers him to a nearby abbey where he knows Ursa will remain safe from the Game in the centuries to come.

Other Immortals


Interesting facts

+ Inspector LeBrun gets a rest this episode, as an unnamed detective takes on the sleuthing role.
+ Dee Dee Bridgewater is better known as a singer, and has a Tony Award from Broadway and was awarded two Grammys in 1998. She also campaigns on behalf of the UN for conservation and sustainable development in rural agriculture in poorer areas of the world. Her official Web site is here.
+ Fay Masterson is actually a British actress - an unofficial Web site dedicated to her is here.


This is Highlander's take on the Quasimodo legend, and sadly it doesn't quite pull it off. The back story for Ursa is convincing enough, as are his actions and motives throughout, but the attempt to squeeze Carolyn's motives and actions into the story are too rushed to be truly convincing. C+

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