Production number: 92121-18
Original US airdate:
3rd May, 1993
Written by: Elizabeth Baxter & Martin Broussellet
Teleplay: Elizabeth Baxter
Directed by: Ray Austin
Guest Cast: Julia Stemberger (Grace), Georges Corraface (Carlos Sendaro), Werner Stocker (Darius); Hugues Leforestier (Inspector Lebrun), Bruce Myers (Paul Warren)

Grace Chandel has worked for the betterment of mankind as a midwife, doctor, and scientist over the centuries. Her one weakness is another Immortal, Carlo Sendaro, a former lover who is obsessed with her and refuses to let her go. He slays Grace's current lover and, when she refuses to run off with him, frames her for the killing. She turns to her old friend Duncan MacLeod for help.


1660, France: Mac meets Grace for the first time. He's travelling through Europe, and she's delivering a baby.
1840, Paris:
Mac sees off Grace and Carlo to the Amazon from Paris.

Other Immortals

Grace Chandel
Carlos Sendaro

Interesting facts

+ Georges Corraface is possibly best known as Christopher Columbus in Christopher Columbus: The Discovery, opposite Marlon Brando and Tom Selleck.


An interesting episode, with some good performances from the principal cast. B

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