Production number: 92121-18
Original US airdate:
3rd May, 1993
Written by: Philip John Taylor
Directed by: Robin Davis
Guest Cast: Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda), Jason Isaacs (Zachary Blaine); Fred Pearson (Pierre), Pierre Gerald (Henry Lamaratine), Bertie Cortez (Ring Master), Michael Hofland (Bavarian Officer), David Lowe (Clown)

A day at the circus reunites MacLeod with a former lover, the Immortal femme-fatale, Amanda, who has always meant big trouble for him. Amanda, meanwhile, is in trouble of her own as her former partner, Blaine, has escaped from prison and wants her head. She plays the two Immortal men against each other, drawing MacLeod into a daring, high-stakes burglary she and Blaine are plotting.


1804, Bavaria: Mac is Amanda's lover in Bavaria. Unfortunately, he's surplus to requirements - and she uses him as a diversion when she robs a local duchess.

Other Immortals

Zachary Blaine

Interesting facts

+ This episode is the first (of many) to feature Amanda Gracen in the role of Amanda, an Immortal thief and con.
+ If Mac and Amanda are to be believed, they haven't met for around 70 years at the time of this episode. This is contradicted by later events (most notably, season five's '
The Stone of Scone', where they meet up in 1950 England).


A disappointment, but then again, things could only get better between Mac and Amanda. Thankfully they did. C+

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