Production number: 92106-2
Original US airdate:
14th December, 1992
Written by: Kevin Droney
Directed by: Jorge Montesi
Guest Cast: Peter Deluise (Clinch), J.E. Freeman (Joe Scanlon), Tamsin Kelsey (Mrs. Gustavson), Matthew Walker (Ian MacLeod), Walter Marsh (Mr. Stubbs), Jessica Van der Veen (Secretary), Aurelio Di Nunzio (Security Guard), Mary McDonald (Old Peasant)

Richie's hot on the trail of his father, and while Duncan is reluctant to encourage him, he helps him track down a man who claims to be the boy's father. But is Joe Scanlon really Jack Ryan, and what dark memories from Mac's past are being released by Richie's quest?


1622, Scotland: Duncan dies for the first time, and is thrown out of his clan by his father when his miraculous recovery is dismissed as the work of demons.
1623, Scotland: Ian MacLeod reveals that Duncan is not his true son when the pair stumble on each other on a Scottish road.

Other Immortals


Interesting facts

+ This episode was the second filmed, but originally it was the 11th shown.
+ Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but it's clear from the dialogue that Duncan is aware that Richie is pre-immortal.
+ Matthew Walker, who plays Duncan's father, reprises his role in episodes D1, Homeland, and E2, Prophecy.


I had bad memories of this episode, but re-watching it reveals it's not as bad as first feared. The highlights, however, are easily the flashbacks. C+

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