Production number: 92122-20
Original US airdate:
26th April, 1993
Written by: Fabrice Zolkowski
Directed by: Paolo Barzman
Guest Cast: Martin Kemp (Alfred Cahill), Sandra Nelson (Elaine); Patrick Floersheim (Battini), Nathalie Presles (Claudine), Yan Briand (Charles Bagnot)

When fatal stabbing fails to kill him, Alfred Cahill becomes convinced that he has been chosen by a higher power to wage a crusade against perversion, and cuts a bloody path through Paris, murdering prostitutes and pimps, and endangering an old friend of Tessa's who has become a call girl.



Other Immortals

Alfred Cahill

Interesting facts

+ Martin Kemp is yet another rock star to make the jump to Highlander. Kemp is better known for being the bassist in 80s band Spandau Ballet and his starring role in early 90s film The Krays. He can currently be seen in the BBC soap Eastenders.
+ This episode was originally aired before 'Eye of the Beholder' (


What is it with Martin Kemp and weirdos? Nevertheless, Highlander's strong run continues with this tragic tale, further highlighting that not all Immortals become obsessed with The Game. A-

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