Production number: 92125-21
Original US airdate:
10th May, 1993
Written by: David Abramowitz
Directed by: Dennis Berry
Guest Cast: Peter Guinness (Colonel Everett Bellian), Anthony Head (Allan Rothwood); Jason Riddington (Mark), Marion Cotillard (Lori)

When the stepdaughter of an Immortal is raped, the Immortal comes after the young man. MacLeod, a guest in the home of the accused boy's father, feels he must protect the family from this unstoppable menace. He urges the Immortal to see due process done, but the man has no interest in listening to reason, and lays siege to the house.



Other Immortals

Everett Bellian

Interesting facts

+ Anthony Head has since gone on to bigger things (under the name 'Anthony Stewart Head') on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. This was after a brief stint on the first series of Jonathan Creek. He first broke into the UK public consciousness in a series of coffee commercials for Nescafé.
+ Peter Guinness is an accomplished British TV actor, and is probably best known in the UK for his role as Elliott Matthews in Casualty.


An effective - if somewhat plodding - morality play, where the resolution is a refreshingly satisfying one. B-

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