Production number: 92126-22
Original US airdate:
17th May, 1993
Written by: Kevin Droney
Directed by: Paolo Barzman
Guest Cast: Roger Daltrey (Hugh Fitzcairn), Werner Stocker (Darius); Peter Hudson (Horton)

MacLeod gets a nasty shock when old friend Hugh Fitzcairn comes to town - a mysterious band of mortals are killing off Immortals for reasons unknown, and when they end up taking the head of Darius on Holy Ground Duncan is determined to find the culprits and make them pay.


1639, Italy: Duncan and Fitz are bodyguards for an Italian duke when they first encounter the Watcher tattoo, without knowing what it means.

Other Immortals

Hugh Fitzcairn

Interesting facts

+ Although it had always been intended for Darius to leave the series at this juncture, actor Werner Stocker proved too ill to reprise his role one last time, and tragically died soon after filming finished.
+ Roger Daltrey is best known as the lead singer of The Who, and reprises the role of Fitz throughout the Highlander series (
C15, D20, E16, F7, F12-13).
+ This is the first time the Watchers are introduced to the Highlander universe.


A strong end to season one, although Darius' death on Holy Ground asks some awkward questions about the whole Holy Ground rule. B+

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