Production number: #92110-7 
Original US airdate:
11th November, 1992
Written by: Marie-Chantal Droney
Directed by: Thomas J Wright
Guest Cast: Marc Singer (Caleb), John Dennis Johnston (Carl the Hermit), Wes Studi (Sheriff Benson), Byron Lucas (Joshua Cole), Brent Stait (Eddie Doyle), Rick Poltaruk (Big John), Doug Abrahams (Benson's Deputy)

Wouldn't you just believe it. First Tessa is kidnapped, which is bad enough. Second, she's kidnapped by a group of survivalists who shun society and live in the Pacific North West wilderness. Third, the leader of this group is an Immortal, and fourth, he's in love with Tessa. It's not all doom and gloom, though: Mac is on their tail, and he's understandably peeved.


1873, Pacific North West: Duncan learns to track from Carl the Hermit. Caleb also acquires this skill from Carl at an undetermined later date, courtesy of a beheading.

Other Immortals

Carl the Hermit

Interesting facts

+ Marc Singer is well known for various roles in TVs and movies, including the lead in three  Beastmaster films (he also guest starred as a different character in the spin-off TV series), V (both mini-series and TV series proper), and various guest roles from Planet of the Apes in 1974 to Batman: The Animated Series (playing Man-Bat).
+ This episode was originally aired after Deadly Medicine.


A competent story, if nothing special. At least Duncan gets to meet an Immortal he's never met before, which must be quite a novelty. C+

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