Production number: #92112-9 
Original US airdate:
30th November, 1992
Written by: David Tynan
Directed by: Thomas J Wright
Guest Cast: Stephen Macht (Alexei Voshin), Johannah Newmarch (Nikki), Phil Hayes (Marco), John Tench (Reese), Brooklyn Brown (Melinda), Scott McNeil (Dennis), Gina Brunton (Niva), Garry Davey (Soviet Major), Rob Morton (Owner), Adrian Holmes (Street Kid)

Richie's past comes back to haunt him yet again when he witnesses an ex-girlfriend's drug dealer boyfriend trying to get drugs without paying for them. Naturally Richie puts his foot (or should I say, mouth) in it, and gets the boyfriend killed. Nikki leaves with both the drugs and $50,000 cash, leaving one very annoyed Immortal drug baron hot on her trail.


1939, Soviet Union: Voshin betrays MacLeod to the KGB after agreeing to take refugees aboard his ship so they can escape Stalinist Russia into the West.

Other Immortals

Alexi Voshin

Interesting facts

+ Stephen Macht's guest-starring credits include Sliders (two separate roles - Kromanus and Krislov - in 1998 and 1999), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (playing General Krim) and Kojak.
+ John Tench later turned up in the season three episode, 'Song of the Executioner' (C14).


The second decent Highlander episode ever, with a good mix of flashback and modern menace. Having said that, Richie's ex is unbelievably annoying. B-

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