Production number: #93213
Original US airdate: 24th January, 1994
Written by: Elizabeth Baxter & Martin Brossollet
Directed by: Clay Borris
Guest Cast: Ed Lauter (Avery Hoskins), Michelle Thrush (Sara Lightfoot), Jon Cuthbert (Billie Hoskins), Carolyn Dunn (Nora Fontaine); Doug Abrahams (Luke Hoskins), Dean Wray (J.J.), Johanna Wright (Margaret)

Charlie and MacLeod come to the aid of Sara Lightfoot, an Indian woman on the run with a baby. She tells them Avery Hoskins is trying to steal her baby. Hoskins and his brothers come after them, and they are forced to flee overland. After a rugged flight through a mountain canyon, MacLeod learns that the baby is in fact Hoskins' son, taken by Sara in retribution for her own child, killed by runoff from Hoskins' mines.


1924, East Coast City, USA: During a New Year's party, Duncan is forced to confess to his girlfriend that he can never father children.

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Interesting facts

+ Ed Lauter is a film and TV veteran. Other genre credits include roles in (deep breath): BJ and the Bear, Millennium, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, The X-Files, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Equalizer, The A-Team and Charlie's Angels.
+ As you can see, the production number suggests this was the 13th episode of Highlander's second season, yet in the end it was shown as number 11.


Whoops, another episode I haven't yet seen from the second season! When I do, I'll post a verdict here.

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