Production number: #93215
Original US airdate: 21st February, 1994
Written by: David Tynan
Directed by: Peter Ellis
Guest Cast: Roland Gift (Xavier St. Cloud), Peter Hudson (James Horton), Stacey Travis (Renee Delaney); Alexandra Stewart (Catherine Legris), Denis Fouqueray (Detective Malle), Pierre Lacan (Henri Martin), Manuel Bonnet (Cavalry Captain), France Anglade (Shop Owner), Jean Francois Pages (Luc Bergon), William Cagnard (Marc Cluny)

After enlisting Joe's help "one last time" Duncan tracks Xavier and Horton to Paris, determined to put an end to both of them.


c1814, unknown European battlefield: Duncan promises a dying French soldier that he'll pass on a message to his wife.

Other Immortals

Xavier St Cloud

Interesting facts

+ This is Michel Modo's first appearance as Duncan's light-hearted neighbour Maurice.
+ Stacey Travis guest-starred in the fourth-season Lois & Clark episode 'Toy Story'.


Welcome to Paris! A superb episode that made the plodding nature of the first part seem almost worthwhile. A-

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