Production number: #93216
Original US airdate: 28th February, 1994
Written by: JP Couture
Directed by: Dennis Berry
Guest Cast: Jeremy Brudenell (Ward), Denis Lill (Baines), Trevor Peacock (Jacom), Tonya Kinziger (Juliette), Nathalie Presles (Helene); Jack Galloway (Peter Wells), Peter Vizard (William Stillwell), Claire Keim (Waitress), Michel Feller (Gentleman), Nigel Nevinson (Doctor), Chrystelle LaBaude (Clerk)

MacLeod comes up against Nicholas Ward, an Immortal who conceals his murders by disguising them as popular hysterias. In the 1840's, Ward created a vampire myth in order to conceal the true motive behind his killing the owners of a business he wanted. Mac managed to prevent Ward from marrying (and murdering) the heiress, but Ward escaped. In the present, Mac teams up with Joe Dawson to discover what Ward is up to and protect the young woman he's set his sights on this time.


c1840, Paris: Duncan encounters Ward for the first time.

Other Immortals

Nicholas Ward

Interesting facts

+ Fans of the BBC's Vicar of Dibley comedy series will recognise Trevor Peacock, who plays Jim Trott, as a business associate of Duncan's in the 19th Century.
+ The part of Nicholas Ward was originally written for Billy Idol (yes, another pop star!), which probably explains Jeremy Brudenell's bleached hairstyle.


Love Ward's blonde hairstyle, but that aside this is an entertaining episode, although you have to wonder how some of these Immortals have survived so long! B-

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