Production number: #93217
Original US airdate: 7th March, 1994
Written by: Christian Bouveron & Lawrence Shore
Directed by: Bruno Gantillon
Guest Cast: Peter Firth (Drake/Drakov), Angeline Ball (Beth), Tom Watson (Eli); Alexandre Klimenko (Bartov), Andre Oumansky (President Chescu), Jerzy Rogulski (Vice President), Daniel Breton (Bodyguard), Frederic Witta (Nikov), Anna Miasedova (Katarina), Julie du Page (Nicole), Dominique Hulin (Ivan), Chinko Rafique (Cashier)

Immortal Arthur Drake has long operated behind the scenes of Eastern European politics, a cruel puppetmaster determined to drag it to the brink of anarchy. When Eli Jarmel, an old man whose family was destroyed by Drake, comes to Mac for help, Duncan is forced to choose between what's right and a promise made over 70 years before.


1918, Russia: Mac promises that he will never come after Drakov in return for sparing a Duchess and her family from the firing squad.

Other Immortals

Arthur Drake/Drakov

Interesting facts

+ Peter Firth sprang to fame on ITV's kids show Double Deckers as Scooper in the 70s. He is not directly related to either Jonathan or Colin Firth.
+ Angeline Ball made her name as Imelda Quirke in Alan Parker's The Commitments.


Good, solid episode that's typically characteristic of late season-two stories. B

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