Production number: #93218
Original US airdate: 25th April, 1994
Written by: Elizabeth Baxter & Martin Brossollet
Directed by: Dennis Berry
Guest Cast: Nia Peeples (Nefertiri), James Faulkner (Constantine); Jerry di Giacomo (Victor Benedetti), Diane Bellego (Angela Constantine)

MacLeod feels the Buzz coming from an ancient sarcophagus and opens it to find Nefertiri, Cleopatra's handmaid, buried 2,000 years ago with her mistress. Now revived, she pursues a vendetta against the Immortal Marcus Constantine, who was her lover and her enemy.


30BC, Egypt: Nefertiri is Cleopatra's handmaiden, and lover to Marcus Constantine, whom she feels betrays her when the Romans invade and Cleopatra commits suicide.

Other Immortals

Marcus Constantine

Interesting facts

+ James Faulkner is a veteran of British TV, including roles in ITV's adaptation of Jeffrey Archer's First Among Equals (alongside David Robb, no less).
+ Adrian Paul on why he liked this episode: "The guest actress really got into the character."


All of Highlander's strengths are on show here, from the blurring of good and evil to Duncan's conflict of love and what's right. A-

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