Production number: #93220
Original US airdate: 9th May, 1994
Written by: Christian Bouveron & Lawrence Shore
Directed by: Dennis Berry
Guest Cast: Michael Siberry (Hyde), Valerie Steffen (Inspector Bardot); Nicholas Chagrin (Segur), Michelle Seeberger (Wife), Clement Harari (Scientist), Blake Dawson (Clerk), Xavier Jaillard (Attendant)

Richie returns, on the run, turning to MacLeod for help. An Immortal has been following him, refusing to confront him, but committing grisly murders wherever Richie goes. Richie is arrested for the murders. Mac learns that Immortal hunter Martin Hyde is behind the murders: considering the Quickening of a green Immortal like Richie not worth the taking, Hyde has been hounding him in order to drive him to his teacher.


c1700, Paris, France: Hyde kills Mac's friend Segur.

Other Immortals

Martin Hyde

Interesting facts

+ Michael Siberry will be instantly recognisable to fans of ITV's Jeeves and Wooster, in which he played the character of Bingo Little. He's also played opposite two Sherlock Holmes - Jeremy Brett in 1984 and Christopher Lee in 1990.


Richie returns, and the result is a good (although not by recent standards) yarn. Plus, am I the only person who thinks that Hyde bears a passing resemblance to Keifer Sutherland? B-

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