COUNTERFEIT (part two)

Production number: #93222
Original US airdate: 23rd May, 1994
Written by: David Tynan
Directed by: Paolo Barzman
Guest Cast: Alexandra Vandernoot (Lisa), Peter Hudson (Horton)

Joe Dawson arrives in Paris to let MacLeod know that Horton may still be alive and coming after him. However, when MacLeod meets "Lisa Milon," a dead-ringer for Tessa (Lisa Halle after plastic surgery), all thoughts of Horton and the Watchers go out of his head.



Other Immortals


Interesting facts

+ Alexandra Vandernoot returns for the first time since departing the series.


Thank goodness things pick up a little after that awful first episode - highlights include Mac's indecision and eventual reaction to the Tess lookalike while the conclusion is satisfyingly final as regards Horton - at last. B

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