Production number: #93203
Original US airdate: 11th October, 1993
Written by: David Tynan
Directed by: Clay Borris
Guest Cast: Geraint Wyn Davies (Michael Moore); John Tierney (Old Father Morton), Alan Robertson (Judge Marvin Singer), Gaetana Korbin (Jeanette), Brittaney Edgell (Nurse), Ian Alden (Young Father Morton)

30 years ago, evil Immortal Quenten Barnes was executed in the electric chair, and promised he'd be back. Escaping the tomb that he has been captive to for the last several decades, Barnes begins hunting down the people involved in his execution. When Duncan's old friend Michael Moore comes to town, a flashback shows us that Barnes killed Michael's wife and has a long-standing grudge against Michael. Now Mac is involved. He convinces Dawson to share the Watchers' surveillance file on Barnes with him. However, the file isn't much help. As the prosecutor and priest who were at Barnes' execution are killed off one by one, it becomes clear that Barnes will come after Michael next.


1921, Seacouver, USA: Michael's wife Jeanette is killed in the insane asylum where they both work by Quenten Barnes.
1960, Unknown prison, USA: Quenten Barnes goes to the chair for his crimes.

Other Immortals

Michael Moore
Quenten Barnes

Interesting facts

+ Geraint Wyn Davies is best known as vampire cop Nick Knight in Forever Knight.


The lack of on-screen chemistry between Paul and Wyn Davies mars what could have been an interesting tale. The twist is good, but only works for one showing. C-

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