Production number: #93209
Original US airdate: 22nd November, 1993
Written by: Naomi Janzen
Directed by: Dennis Berry
Guest Cast: Bruce Young (Carl), Geza Kovacs (Carter), Roman Podhora (Kenny), Biski Gughese (Ricky); Deejay Jackson (Officer Warren), Mark Acheson (Billy Ray), Bill Mackenzie (Sheriff), John Destry (Bobby), Susan McLennan (Betty), Adrian Holmes (Johnny), Mark Poyser (Ben)

Carl Robinson is an Immortal who MacLeod first met in the 1920s when he rescued him from a KKK lynch mob. Back then, Carl was full of plans - to be a Major League ballplayer, and even to be President. But today Carl has given up hope.


1926, Louisiana, US: Duncan meets Carl for the first time, when he helps him evade a lynch mob.
1954, The South, US: Duncan is visiting Carl, now a baseball player, just as segregation is finally declared unconstitutional.

Other Immortals

Carl Robinson

Interesting facts

+ Bruce Young returns as Carl in the fifth season episode 'Manhunt' (E4)..


An interesting story, and an interesting character - Carl Robinson making a deserved return in a later story. B+

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