Production number: #94301
Original US airdate: 26th September, 1994
Written by: Naomi Janzen
Directed by: Dennis Berry
Guest Cast: Tamlyn Tomita (Midori), Robert Ito (Hideo), Stephen McHattie (Kent); Hiro Kanagawa (Akira Yoshida), Terry Arrowsmith (Haley)

Duncan returns to Seacouver, where he meets a descendant of the man who rescued him and took him in when he was shipwrecked in 18th Century Japan. The woman, Midori Kent, wants his help escaping a loveless marriage. Even when MacLeod discovers her husband is Immortal, he still feels honour bound to fulfil the oath he made 200 years before.


1778, Japan: Duncan is rescued by Hideo Koto when he is washed ashore in Japan.

Other Immortals

Michael Kent

Interesting facts

+ Stephen McHattie will be well known (and hated no doubt!) for his role as the evil Gabriel in Beauty and the Beast.


A good solid opening to season three. The flashbacks are the more entertaining, but you're left wondering whether or not Michael Kent deserved his death - for all his cruelty to his wife's lover. B+

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