Episode C10: Blackmail


Production number: #94310
Original US airdate: 28th November, 1994
Written by: Morrie Ruvinsky
Directed by: Paolo Barzman
Guest cast: Bruce Dinsmore (Bruno Wylie), Barbara Tyson (Barbara Wylie), Anthony de Longis (Lymon Kurlow), Kelly Fiddick (Johnny); Bill Craft (Peter Matlin), Vicent Gale (Lattimore), Justine Priestley (Lisa Crane), P. Adrien Dorval (Jailer), Gordon Tipple (Hangman)

Duncan is caught on camera beheading old adversary Peter Maitlin, and finds himself being blackmailed by seedy lawyer Bruno Wylie who wants his wife killed. As Mac closes in on another old enemy, he finds himself increasingly distracted by Wylie's demands.


c1805, England: Duncan is hanged in place of his mortal friend when said friend is framed for a murder actually committed by Immortals Lymon Kurlow and Peter Maitlin.

Other Immortals

Lymon Kurlow
Peter Maitlin

Interesting facts

+ This represents the first of Anthony de Longis' two appearances on Highlander. He returns (as a different character) in the fifth season story Duende. His other credits include Kazon leader Culluh in Star Trek: Voyager. His official Web site is at http://www.delongis.com/.
+ Bill Croft previously played Mancuso in the first-season episode 'Bad Day in Building A'. He also had the distinction of playing four different parts in four separate episodes of MacGyver, and had a cameo role as a motorcycle cop in the 1996 Doctor Who movie.


An interesting premise let down by Bruno Wylie's thoroughly unsympathetic character. Nice turn from Anthony de Longis, though. B-

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