Episode C11: Vendetta


Production number: #94311
Original US airdate: 30th January, 1995
Written by: Alan Swayze
Directed by: George Mendeluk
Guest cast: Tony Rosato (Benny Carbassa), Ken Pogue (Simon Lang), Tamara Gorski (Peggy McCall), Stella Stevens (Margaret Lang); Michael Sunczyk (Syd), Edgar Davis Jr. (Joey), Aurelio Di Nunzio (Sal), Ernie Prentice (Grey-Haired Man)

Immortal petty hoodlum Benny Carbassa is in a tight corner, but he has one ace left to play. That ace is the wherabouts of Duncan MacLeod - a prize card for someone who wants the Highlander dead.


1938, USA: Duncan encounters Carbassa for the first time, and is later shot for dancing with the wrong woman.

Other Immortals

Benny Carbassa

Interesting facts

+ Tony Rosato was actually born in Naples in Italy, and has credits stretching all the way back to the 1970s.
+ Ken Pogue guest starred opposite Adrian Paul in War of the Worlds, and has also appeared in Millennium and Sliders.


Still haven't seen this episode (which I've got on video, though!). I'll post a verdict shortly.

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