Episode C12: They Also Serve


Production number: #94312
Original US airdate: 6th February, 1995
Written by: Lawrence Shore
Directed by: Paolo Barzman
Guest cast: Mary Woronov (Rita Luce), Michael Anderson Jr. (Ian Bancroft), Barry Pepper (Michael Christian), Vivian Wu (May-Ling Shen); Marc Baur (Mike), Oliver Becker (Justin), Lorraine Landry (Maureen), Mina E. Mina (Kahn)

Michael Christian is a young, inexperienced Immortal in that he's only been one for 20-odd years. However, in recent times he's started taking a lot of heads and questions are being asked about his ability to defeat Immortals supposedly more experienced and powerful than he is. When an old flame of Mac's is added to his growing list, Joe Dawson becomes increasingly suspicious...


1780, Mongolia: Duncan learns the martial arts from May-Ling, once he gets over the fact that she's a woman (shades of Roger Moore in Moonraker, perchance?).

Other Immortals

Michael Christian
May-Ling Shien

Interesting facts

+ To find out more about Mary Woronov, check out her official Web site here.
+ Barry Pepper starred in the sci-fi movie Battlefield Earth alongside John Travolta. He also has an all-but official Web site - click
+ Vivian Wu's first major role was in the excellent film The Last Emperor.


An absolute cracker. Everything, from the flashback to the inner workings of the Watchers is satisfyingly executed. A must-see story. A

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