Episode C13: Blind Faith


Production number: #94313
Original US airdate: 13th February, 1995
Written by: Jim Makichuk
Directed by: Gerry Ciccoritti
Guest cast: Conrad Dunn (Matthew), Richard Lynch (John Kage/Kirin); Dave Cameron (Todd Milchan), Nick Vrataric (Tim Parriot), Alfonso Quijada Jr. (Carlos), Celine Lockhart (Nun), Ravinder Toor (Cop), Robert Iseman (Mike), F. Braun McAsh (Derelict)

Once a bad 'un, always a bad 'un, right? In which case, what's John Kirin's hidden agenda behind his religious organisation? And why does Mac hate him so?


1937, Spain: Duncan and John Kage are both covering the Spanish Civil War for their respective newspapers when Kage betrays the troops they're riding with to the Republicans for money.
1975, Cambodia: Kage abandons a school of children under Duncan's protection to the Khamar Rouge.

Other Immortals

John Kage/Kirin

Interesting facts

+ Richard Lynch has one of those faces that is instantly recognisable. Star Trek fans will remember him from the Next Generation two-parter 'Gambit', while he has signed up to play Count Iblis in Richard Hatch's upcoming Battlestar Galactica revival. His official site is here.
+ The 1975 flashback is only one of three times that Duncan is shown in a flashback post-1958. The other two years are 1978 ('
Ransom of Richard Redstone') and 1980 ('Band of Brothers').


Another excellent and thought-provoking story. Things plod a little in the present day, but the flashbacks are excellent and fast-paced. B+

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