Episode C14: Song of the Executioner


Production number: #94314
Original US airdate: 20th February, 1995
Written by: David Tynan
Directed by: Paolo Barzman
Guest cast: David Robb (Kalas), Eugene Lipinski (Brother Paul); John Tench (Max Jupe), Demetri Goritsas (Timon), Vince Metcalfe (Dan Tarendash), Lynda Boyd (Karen), Catherine Lough (Marcia), Paul Bittante (Detective), Allixandria East (Nurse)

When an old Immortal friend, the monk Paul, is murdered after stepping off Holy Ground for the first time in centuries, Duncan has little idea of the fate that someone has planned for him. Someone he exposed as a murderer over three centuries before...


1658, Europe: Duncan takes sanctuary for a while in a monastery that offers peace and rest for beleagured Immortals fleeing the Game. Unfortunately, not all of the monks' motives are as pure as the monastery's founder.

Other Immortals

Brother Paul

Interesting facts

+ This episode marks the first of a major story arc that will continue (on and off) until the end of the season.
+ David Robb is a well-known British actor, who has played a wide variety of roles in his career. Fans of history and mythology will be interested to learn that he's played Lancelot (Legend of King Arthur), Robin Hood (Ivanhoe) and Germanicus (I, Claudius). More on him in C15...
+ Eugene Lipinski has some interesting movie credits to his name, with appearances in Octopussy, Superman II and IV, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade among others.


Say hello to one of Highlander's greatest ever villains as you say goodbye to the Americas for this series. A superb episode which sets things up nicely for the story arc to follow with more questions than answers and a tightly plotted story, in the past as well as the present. A-

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