Episode C15: Star-Crossed


Production number: #94315
Original US airdate: 27th February, 1995
Written by: Jim Makichuk
Directed by: Paolo Barzman
Guest cast: Roger Daltrey (Hugh Fitzcairn), David Robb (Kalas), Michel Modo (Maurice); Frederic Witta (Patrick), Valerie Zarrouk (Naomi), Gian-Franco Salemi (Doge), Elodie Frenck (Arianna), Guillaume Barriere (Scribe), Gerard Touratier (Watch), Fabrice Bagni (Manservant), Virginie Peignien (Inspector)

Duncan escapes to Paris, and meets up again with old ally Fitzcairn, who is ready to settle down after 700 years of bachelordom. Unfortunately, it seems Kalas is not so easy to evade, and the consequences of Duncan's flight are going to be heavy...


1637, Italy: Duncan and Fitz meet for the first time, one seducing a duke's daughter while the other is charged with protecting her. Thankfully, the pair hit it off (eventually) and agree to learn to read together - although Duncan must kill Fitz for his employer's satisfaction first.

Other Immortals

Hugh Fitzcairn

Interesting facts

+ David Robb once played Prince Charles in the 1982 TV movie, Charles & Diana: A Royal Love Story! Another notable British actors in this American-only release included Charles Gray, Christopher Lee and Caroline Bliss (Moneypenny to Dalton's 007).
+ Having enjoyed star status in the series' second season, Michel Modo is relegated to the ignomy of guest star for this and any subsequent Highlander episode he appears in.


A worthy addition to the Kalas storyline, although knowing the ending will make it a painful experience to sit through as the inevitable seems to fall into place. B+

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