Episode C16: Methos


Production number: #94316
Original US airdate: 6th March, 1995
Written by: JP Couture
Directed by: Dennis Berry
Guest cast: David Robb (Kalas), Peter Wingfield (Adam Pierson/Methos), Carmen Champlin (Maria Campolo); Patrice Valota (Marc Saracen), Olivier Marchal (Philippe), Jean Francois Pages (Basil Dornin), Ken Samuels (Roger), George Birt (Don Salzer), Charles Maquignon (Bartender), Denis Sylvain (Inspector), Debbie Davis (Danielle)

Mac learns that Kalas is hot on the heels of the mythical Methos, said to be the oldest Immortal alive. Realising that Kalas armed with Methos' Quickening could be unstoppable, Duncan races to reach Methos first, but is surprised at what he finds.

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1920, Paris, France: Duncan runs into Kalas again. Unfortunately, despite his protestations to the contrary, it seems our bearded friend has still not got over Duncan's actions in 1658. Move on, mate, before you lose your voice. Whoops...

Other Immortals


Interesting facts

+ Say hello to Peter Wingfield, whose character Methos soon rises to become a vital part of the Highlander team.
+ Although Joe is still in the US, clever technology known only as 'the telephone' enables us to see him make an appearance in this episode.


The Kalas storyline draws to a temporary close, but the introduction of Methos to the Highlander canon helps keep the story rolling along. B+

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