Episode C17: Take Back the Night


Production number: #94317
Original US airdate: 24th April, 1995
Written by: Alan Swayze
Directed by: Paolo Barzman
Guest cast: Kim Johnston Ulrich (Ceirdwyn), Michel Modo (Maurice), Benjamin Pullen (Bonnie Prince Charlie); Marc Edouard Leon (Paolo), Peter Semler (Callum), Jean Francois Pages (Basil Dornin), Ariane Le Roux (Neva), David Gregg (Steven), Frank Messin (Gaston), Terence Leroy-Beaulieu (Mario), Jonathan Zaccai (Louis), Anthony Miceli (Raoul), Olivier Siou (Laurent), Thierry Bois (Blond Man), John Charles Maratier (Angus)

When the Immortal Ceirdwyn vows revenge on her husband's killers, it's up to MacLeod to remind his old friend that an eye for an eye isn't necessarily the way to get over his death.


c55AD, England: Ceirdwyn's immortality is triggered when she is killed in battle between her Celtic tribe and the Roman invaders.
1746, Scotland: In the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden, Duncan goes on a bloody rampage against the English in revenge for their treatment of the Scots. At the same time, Ceirdwyn gives refuge to Bonnie Prince Charlie in the immediate aftermath of the battle. She eventually persuades Duncan to give up his one-man feud, and as a result he begins half a century of wandering across Europe and Asia.

Other Immortals


Interesting facts

+ Ceirwedyn lived under the alias Flora MacDonald in 1746.
+ Kim Johnston Ulrich is currently starring in the NBC soap


A disappointing modern-day storyline is rescued by some irresistable - and important, in light of their effect on Duncan's life - flashbacks. B

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