Episode C19: Mortal Sins


Production number: #94319
Original US airdate: 8th May, 1995
Written by: Lawrence Shore
Directed by: Mario Azzopardi
Guest cast: Andrew Woodall (Ernst Daimler), Roger Bret (Father Bernard); Claude Berthy (Father Guillaume), Jean-Claude Deret (Georges Dalou), Thierry Gary (Iggy), Georges Janin (Young Bernard), Laurent Deutsch (Young Georges), Lyes Salem (Aram), Pierre Rousselle (Jean)

Once upon a time the young Bernard witnessed the death of a Nazi Major, Ernst Daimler. When Daimler suddenly reappears, having not aged a day, Bernard turns to the one other man he's seen miraculously rise from the dead - Duncan MacLeod.


c1942-4, Paris: Duncan is in France playing an active role in the French Resistance. During this time, the Resistance 'kill' Daimler and throw him in the Seine, where he remains until the present day.

Other Immortals

Ernst Daimler

Interesting facts

+ Anne's brief reconcilliation with Duncan ends with this episode, when her feelings of revenge towards Daimler unsettle her and convince her that a relationship with an Immortal won't work.
+ Roger Brett had previously appeared as a street vendor in the second-season episode 'Legacy'.
+ Andrew Woodall once played a Russian agent in the Nicholas Lyndhurst spy vehicle The Piglet Files.


Another strong flashback sequence helps carry a less convincing modern-day tale. B

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