Production number: #94303
Original US airdate: 10th October, 1994
Written by: Peter Mohan
Directed by: Dennis Berry
Guest cast: Miguel Fernandes (Paul Karros), Liliana Komorowska (Mara); Bernard Cuffling (Harry Wellfleet), John Novak (Mason), Andrew Kavadas (Anthony Dourcef), Lisa Vultaggio (Elda), Robert Iseman (Mike), L Harvey Gold (Bourchek)

Paul Karros has long fought for the little guy, ever since serving alongside the slave Spartacus in ancient times. In the 90s he's fighting for a small Balkan nation, and Charlie is smitten by his assistant Mara. However, is Karros truly fighting for peace, or does he have a darker agenda?


1867, Mexico: Duncan fights alongside Karros in the Mexican Revolution.

Other Immortals

Paul Karros

Interesting facts

+ This episode marks the departure of Charlie DeSalvo (he does reappear in the season four episode, 'Brothers in Arms') and introduction of Dr Anne Lindsay.


Sorry, my video fouled up meaning I missed the last half of the episode. Until it gets shown again, I can't comment, unfortunately.

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